Wednesday, June 8, 2011


So i've thought about starting a frisbee blog for a long long time.  I like talking and thinking and writing about frisbee.  At the same time, do i have enough content in my head and enough space on my calendar to keep something like this going?  Probably not.  I see this endeavor having the enthusiasm and lifespan of my ventures into car modification, homebrewing, or Wicca... which is to say, i'll probably go the way of most frisbee blogs: start off with a full head of steam only to peter out after a few posts.  Oh well.  That in itself is not a good reason to not give it a whirl.  At least i'm not shelling out $800 for ground effects on my Corolla only to find i don't like getting grease on my jeans.

I started playing in New Jersey in the 90s, and in those formative years, i remember devouring every possible piece of information i could find on ultimate, whether it was from the UPA newsletter (on newsprint!), RSD, Parinella's website (pre-blog), or Above & Beyond videos, etc.  DoG was the equivalent at the time of Phil Jackson's Bulls, and to a young player, their philosophies were treated nearly as gospel.  To this day, i can see how a lot of my attitudes on ultimate are still colored by those early lessons.

At the same time, after playing club for a while, there seemed to be less and less new things to learn as a player.  Now i don't think that's because i knew/know it all, but because there are few resources in our sport.  And the few resources out there are so often geared toward newer players.  With the lack of coaching in ultimate, the finer points of technique and tactics and strategy are often left for people to learn on their own (or bring over from their past sporting lives).

Well, with this blog, i'll endeavor to throw my 2 cents out there on a few things, and i hope some young player can parlay that 2 cents into a something valuable.  Who knows?  We'll see where this goes...

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