Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Tentative Schedule

So we'll keep making updates to this post so people can quickly access it from the Permalink at the top of this page. Please note: If you do not think you'll be able to attend enough events to give yourself an adequate opportunity to be evaluated through the tryout schedule, then notify Coach Jeff Snader.

If you need directions to the fields click here. Note that Edgely Ballfields and Edgely (Clubhouse) are two different fields.


  • April 10 - Tryout - 8:30-2 - Edgely Ballfields (Not regular Edgely)
  • April 17-18 - Tryout - Both days will be 8:30-2 - Edgely Ballfields
  • April 24 - Tryout - 1-5:30 - Edgely Ballfields
  • May 1 - Optional Workout run by the Coach - 8:30-12 - Edgely
  • May 8 - Tryout - 8:30-2 - Edgely Ballfields
  • May 9 - Tryout - 8:30-2 - Edgely Ballfields
  • May 15-16 - Bell Crack
  • 22-23 May -
  • 29-30 May - We're off for Memorial Day/College Nationals. Again, please consider observing or spectating. We'll try have some informal pickup for those in town.

  • 5-6 June - Cazenovia/CUT. Bring around 30 tryouts.
  • 12-13 June - Tryout/practice.
  • 19-20 June - Practice.
  • 26-27 June - Boston Invite.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Meeting Minutes - 13 December 2009

Meeting number 2 in the books. Everyone was in attendance: Jon, Tom, Chris, Reuben, Trey, B-Lo, Dusty.

Googlegroup: We have over 90 people signed up already, but there are still a lot of people who've yet to sign up. Once we have most of whom we're expecting signed up, we will crosspost information here and there. Sign up at http://groups.google.com/group/philly-tryouts-2010

Schedule: I'm gonna make a separate post with just the schedule that we'll update. The permalink at the top of this page will always point to that schedule. But here's a list of the important changes we decided on tonight.
  • Terminus has just been announced will be coed only. So that looks to be out.
  • We're gonna take off the 1st and 29th of May. 1 May will presumably be MetroEast regionals. This will allow us to provide observers. May 29th is college nationals and Memorial Day weekend. Rather than mandatory practices, we will hold optional pickup. We will double-up the weekend of 15-16 May to run a combine style weekend. This will allow us to not require commitment every weekend in May without losing much field time.
College Tryouts: So one of the issues several people raised was how to handle college tryouts who may not be in the area until June if we're looking to finish the tryout process after CUT (5-6 June). Our goal is still to have the team finalized before Boston Invite. If a tryout is not available until later in the spring, he'll still have 3 weekends in June to impress the selection committee. We certainly want to accommodate college players, but the spring schedule will not cater to them. If a good player knows he'll have trouble making enough events to be fairly evaluated, he should let the core know asap.

Selection Committee: We talked a good deal about this in terms of what the dynamic of this group should be, what qualities we'd want in people on the committee, what the players and core's role might be, who would be good candidates, etc. We came down to a list of 11 people we think might be a good combination of experience, game-intelligence, objectivity, while also keeping an eye on having a diverse group of perspectives. Not all core members are included in that list. The core is not committed to any of these 11 people (we'd ultimately like a group between 5-9 people), but we will begin reaching out in the next 2 weeks to possible committee members to find out if they're even interested/available. If anyone has someone they think would be good for this role, please let us know.

Second Team/Other Teams: We also spent a lot of time talking about this. The tryout process will be designed to produce a second open team. The relationship between the teams will evolve. At best, we'd like to see a 1st/2nd team relationship where resources such as strategy and structure are shared. At worst, we'd like to see another open team come together with whom we share an amicable and respectful relationship.

If you're interested in coaching or captaining a second team, or if you have suggestions, please let us know.

It should be stressed again (and again) that we will emphasize a respectful tone toward all area teams in all divisions. The disrespect and condescension that has come out at times in the past when individuals talk about other teams/divisions has led to some non-constructive animosity. Beyond simply assembling one very good men's team, we want to improve the relationship between all the local teams. A rising tide can lift all ships.

Team Identity/Name: Expect a statement in a week or so regarding how we plan on handling this issue including a mission statement.

Sustainability: Our goal through this process is to ensure it's not simply an experiment but that we plant seeds for a team with staying power. This perspective will inform our approach to player selection, scheduling, attitude, focus, and priorities.

Recruiting: Keep telling us who's out on the market. We will be sending an email to MetroEast college teams soon.

Next Up: Finish mission statement. Get a selection committee. Create guidelines for team selection.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009


The google group is up. Go and join now.


Meeting Agenda - 13 Dec 2009

Attached is a list of topics to be discussed at or before the next core meeting. If you have any input, please contact one of us so your comments/concerns can be addressed. I have italicized items that the core is specifically looking for feedback on.

  1. Googlegroup - At the last meeting it was agreed that a new googlegroup containing a list of all interested tryouts for this new super team is needed. The purpose of the group will be to have a central form of communication to those interested in this team.
  2. Status of organized pick-up - At the last meeting it was agreed that Trey will be organizing this. Stay tuned for further details.
  3. Practice Location - Edgely was noted during the last meeting and agreed upon as a good central location. Reuben later acknowledged that Yardley may be more central to include Roots and other NJ residents.
  4. Schedule - Several dates for tryouts and tournaments were noted at the last meeting. Refer to "First Meeting Minutes - 3 Dec 2009" for additional information. These dates are tentative and will be firmed up as things unfold.
  5. Selection Committee - It was agreed at the last meeting that an "outside objective perspective" would be ideal to have for determining the roster. It was agreed that the selection committee must provide clear and effective feedback to all individual tryouts to promote transparency and objectivity as well as setting a tone for education and coaching. Timely responses will be provided to all tryouts in order for them to determine if this is the right fit for them and provide tryouts an opportunity to pursue other options. The core is looking for feedback on recommendations for who should be on the selection committee.
  6. Feeder Team - No discussions have taken place about this to date, yet there is significant interest from some of the teams involved. Given the amount of teams and possible tryouts, will there be a feeder team? What level of involvement should the first team have with assisting the feeder team? Shared practices? Strategies?
  7. Mixed Team - We do not intend to overlook the importance of having a competitive mixed team (Amp and/or Hooray or even something else) in Philadelphia. We have not discussed this at our meetings to date, but intend to include this in our discussions for bettering Philadelphia Ultimate as a whole.
  8. Team Name - A lot of discussions have occurred regarding this. The consensus that we have been hearing is that the team name does not matter to many, but significantly matters to a few. The core is looking for continued feedback on this item.
  9. Team Identity - This seems to go in line with the Team Name. The core has been getting mixed feedback regarding "Team First" mentality vs. letting the identity find itself. The core is looking for continued feedback on this item.
  10. Team Captains - Agreed to put it to a vote once tryouts are over.
  11. Team Strategy - Strategy will be minimal to start during tryouts and develop as the roster materializes.
  12. Recruiting - At the last meeting, it was noted that recruiting should be considered a top priority in order to promote the longevity of this team. Contact information will be collected for various colleges and teams to further get the word out. We will develop recruiting guidelines.
  13. College Teams - It was agreed that coaching colleges, and possibly even high schools, will further promote the sport and assist with recruiting down the road.

This agenda will serve as a foundation for discussion at upcoming meetings for the core. Meeting Minutes will be posted as these discussions occur to keep everyone informed as transparently as possible. Your input on these items is critical to the development of this team and the betterment of Philadelphia Ultimate. Please send any comments or suggestions to one of the core representatives.

Friday, December 4, 2009

Statement to Public

Over the past month, players representing most of the Philadelphia-based open and coed teams, including recent nationals qualifiers Amp, Hooray and Pike, discussed forming a men's team to compete in the UPA fall series. This team would draw on the deep pool of talent both in and around Philly.

A core of 7 individuals has been chosen by Amp, Hooray, Love, Pike and Roots, to guide this team through its formation. This core group will determine the tryout process and establish basic team concepts, structures and strategies which will be further refined as the team takes shape.

It is important to note that while this core group will lay the long-term foundation for a successful open team from the greater Philadelphia area, they are not captains, nor are they guaranteed roster spots.

The tryout process will begin in April and run through the beginning of June.

If you have any questions, comments or suggestions, please contact one of us.

First Meeting Minutes - 3 Dec 2009

So... our first meeting was at the Finks' last night. This blogging plan was hatched along the way, so i wasn't keeping detailed minutes, but hopefully, future activities will be recorded somewhat more diligently. Here's what happened:

In attendance: Jon, B-Lo, Trey, Dusty, Chris, Tom. Absent: Reuben.

We didn't have a clear agenda in mind (that will change for future meetings as we build momentum), so a lot of issues came up and were revisited throughout the meeting. While we waited for everyone to show up, we started hashing out tournaments this group might attend. Over the course of the evening, this is the schedule we have in mind:

  • Mid/late March - Terminus. If we can get a team of atleast 14 or so players, it would be a good opportunity to send a group. Who's interested in going?
  • 2-4 April - Fools. A lot of people have teams already, but let's get a group to go and play together.
  • 10 April - first mandatory tryout/practice. Everything's mandatory from this point forward.
  • 17-18 April - Henlopen.
  • 24 April - tryout/practice. First round of cuts after this weekend (target number around 40-45 tryouts)
  • 1 May - 15 May - tryout/practices every Saturday. MetroEast College Regionals is likely 1-2 May.
  • 22-23 May - Our own mini-tournament in conjunction with Bell Crack.
  • 29-30 May - Some activity? Memorial Day weekend.
  • 5-6 June - CUT. Bring around 30 tryouts. Final cuts made after this weekend.
  • 26-27 June - Boston Invite.

Pickup: We want to start pickup as soon as possible. Trey will organize.

Where to hold tryouts/practices: Given most of the people present are from Philly, most of us were personally in favor of Edgely. Dusty voiced Pike's concern that Pike does not unilaterally see itself as a "Philly Team". Holding tryouts exclusively at Edgely would effectively close that discussion which alters their team identity in a way not everyone on Pike is ok with (Dusty, i hope i'm representing these sentiments accurately). This brought us to the larger sticking point of Pike's in maintaining their team identity, including the name of the team. These are the biggest issues involving this project, so unfortunately, nothing conclusive has come out of discussions just yet. Stay tuned.

Selection Committee for tryouts: We are in agreement that it would be good to bring in some outside objective perspectives. As to who those people might be, that's for a future discussion.

We did agree that the tryout process should be dialogue heavy between individual tryouts and the selection committee. This will provide tranparency/objectivity, educational value, and set the tone for expectations and coaching. Clear and timely communication will also help tryouts decide if this is a good fit for them and provide them opportunity to pursue other options for the club season.

Also tabled for a future discussion was recruiting (though obviously this is a high priority). For now we will collect contact information. How to allow for easy sharing of contact info will be worked out but likely a shared excel googledoc. We want to be sure that the majority of recruiting dialogue is between the recruit and the core. There are various interpretations about what this team is about and we want incoming recruits to get a consistent message. Expect us to put out a formalized statement about team identity and recruiting guidelines soon.

Along these communication lines, B-Lo's gonna create a blog for people to follow along with the core's activities and they're on top of the issues. Jon's gonna create a googlegroup to centralize communications.


Within minutes of the at-large election results being announced, the 7 in the core started corresponding. We were all in agreement that we needed to meet soon and communicate with everyone what we are about and what we're planning. This whole process up 'til now has been very hastily pushed forward thanks to all of your enthusiasm, but at times that has been at the expense of clear communication. I've gotten questions like if we're all captains, if we're gonna decide the team, if we're all playing, etc. In the interest of transparency and openness, we're going to try publish our activities and thoughts here so people are kept in the loop with what issues we're considering and so they have opportunity to give feedback.

We want everyone to feel they have an outlet to air opinions and stay involved in the process, but in the interest of cohesion, this blog is not a forum so much as it's a bulletin board. As issues of interest come up, if you have ideas, issues, complaints, or questions, please don't keep them to yourself or talk exclusively with someone outside the core. Email or call one of us and speak your mind. Let's keep the dialogue solution oriented.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

A Journey of 1000 Miles...

So in the interest of transparency and openness, the core thought it would be a good idea to publicize our activities. We'll be posting our meeting agendas so people have an opportunity to offer opinions to one of the core members. We'll also post meeting minutes so people can stay in the loop with developments.