Monday, February 22, 2010

Meeting Agenda - 7 March 2010

For this meeting, we've invited all the potential selection committee members to join the core. The SC candidates are Walt Kalicki, Joel Wooten, Steve Wherry, Jeff George, Tom Carroll, J Dono, Curtis Maier, Brendan Smith, and Jeff Snader.

Topics of conversation include (but are most certainly not limited to):
  • Dynamic - our plan is to have a small selection committee with voting power over roster decisions. This group will be supported by a group of scouts who will assist with evaluating, stat taking, running drills, etc. Based on availability and relationships to the Philly ultimate community, our current plan is to have Trey, J, and Walt as the voting members of the SC. The support group would be Dusty, TomP, B-Lo, and Steve. If we bring on Snader as coach, he would oversee the process and have final say on roster decisions. Jeff George has expressed interest in coaching the second team.

  • Evaluation criteria - we'll discuss what we're looking for in players, how we're gonna track and share metrics and subjective evalutations, what information we need to have (scheduling conflicts, plans to move, etc).

  • Schedule/Itinerary- As spring draws closer, we are honing in on a finalized schedule. We'll be discussing what we'll be looking to accomplish with each weekend with an eye on providing ample opportunity to evaluate everyone while developing strategic foundations for the fall.

  • Feedback model - we're very concerned with providing extensive feedback to tryouts through the tryout process. We'll be discussing how to structure feedback into the schedule.

  • Second Team - We'll be discussing how to manage tryouts/practices for one will start as one team and eventually become two.

  • College Players - How will we accomodate tryouts playing the college series?