Friday, February 19, 2010

Meeting Agenda - 21 February 2010

We're meeting tomorrow to discuss the possibility of having a coach help lead this team. More specifically, we'll be meeting with Jeff Snader to talk about his possible involvement. I'm sure some of you do not know Jeff or don't know him well, so if you have any questions/concerns, please pass them along.

As was discussed at the last core meeting, we see leadership as a big issue. We're sure everyone is as concerned with making sure the right leadership (and/or the right process to establish leadership) is in place to guide the team.

As with any team, we are looking to create a leadership model that can pull from our multiple experiences and maximize all our resources while maintaining a unity of message. Leadership needs to encompass management, communication, organization, administration, strategy, tactics, etc. We simply want to address them more overtly considering how large this group is and how many teams we come from.

Thank you to everyone who's sent us thoughts about leadership, captain, coaches, etc. Keep the thoughts coming.

Other topics we're gonna try deal with involve scheduling:
  • SC meeting scheduled for the next 2 weeks.
  • tournament logistics: fools, henlopen, bellcrack (home tournament), boston invite.