Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Meeting Agenda - 13 Dec 2009

Attached is a list of topics to be discussed at or before the next core meeting. If you have any input, please contact one of us so your comments/concerns can be addressed. I have italicized items that the core is specifically looking for feedback on.

  1. Googlegroup - At the last meeting it was agreed that a new googlegroup containing a list of all interested tryouts for this new super team is needed. The purpose of the group will be to have a central form of communication to those interested in this team.
  2. Status of organized pick-up - At the last meeting it was agreed that Trey will be organizing this. Stay tuned for further details.
  3. Practice Location - Edgely was noted during the last meeting and agreed upon as a good central location. Reuben later acknowledged that Yardley may be more central to include Roots and other NJ residents.
  4. Schedule - Several dates for tryouts and tournaments were noted at the last meeting. Refer to "First Meeting Minutes - 3 Dec 2009" for additional information. These dates are tentative and will be firmed up as things unfold.
  5. Selection Committee - It was agreed at the last meeting that an "outside objective perspective" would be ideal to have for determining the roster. It was agreed that the selection committee must provide clear and effective feedback to all individual tryouts to promote transparency and objectivity as well as setting a tone for education and coaching. Timely responses will be provided to all tryouts in order for them to determine if this is the right fit for them and provide tryouts an opportunity to pursue other options. The core is looking for feedback on recommendations for who should be on the selection committee.
  6. Feeder Team - No discussions have taken place about this to date, yet there is significant interest from some of the teams involved. Given the amount of teams and possible tryouts, will there be a feeder team? What level of involvement should the first team have with assisting the feeder team? Shared practices? Strategies?
  7. Mixed Team - We do not intend to overlook the importance of having a competitive mixed team (Amp and/or Hooray or even something else) in Philadelphia. We have not discussed this at our meetings to date, but intend to include this in our discussions for bettering Philadelphia Ultimate as a whole.
  8. Team Name - A lot of discussions have occurred regarding this. The consensus that we have been hearing is that the team name does not matter to many, but significantly matters to a few. The core is looking for continued feedback on this item.
  9. Team Identity - This seems to go in line with the Team Name. The core has been getting mixed feedback regarding "Team First" mentality vs. letting the identity find itself. The core is looking for continued feedback on this item.
  10. Team Captains - Agreed to put it to a vote once tryouts are over.
  11. Team Strategy - Strategy will be minimal to start during tryouts and develop as the roster materializes.
  12. Recruiting - At the last meeting, it was noted that recruiting should be considered a top priority in order to promote the longevity of this team. Contact information will be collected for various colleges and teams to further get the word out. We will develop recruiting guidelines.
  13. College Teams - It was agreed that coaching colleges, and possibly even high schools, will further promote the sport and assist with recruiting down the road.

This agenda will serve as a foundation for discussion at upcoming meetings for the core. Meeting Minutes will be posted as these discussions occur to keep everyone informed as transparently as possible. Your input on these items is critical to the development of this team and the betterment of Philadelphia Ultimate. Please send any comments or suggestions to one of the core representatives.