Friday, December 4, 2009


Within minutes of the at-large election results being announced, the 7 in the core started corresponding. We were all in agreement that we needed to meet soon and communicate with everyone what we are about and what we're planning. This whole process up 'til now has been very hastily pushed forward thanks to all of your enthusiasm, but at times that has been at the expense of clear communication. I've gotten questions like if we're all captains, if we're gonna decide the team, if we're all playing, etc. In the interest of transparency and openness, we're going to try publish our activities and thoughts here so people are kept in the loop with what issues we're considering and so they have opportunity to give feedback.

We want everyone to feel they have an outlet to air opinions and stay involved in the process, but in the interest of cohesion, this blog is not a forum so much as it's a bulletin board. As issues of interest come up, if you have ideas, issues, complaints, or questions, please don't keep them to yourself or talk exclusively with someone outside the core. Email or call one of us and speak your mind. Let's keep the dialogue solution oriented.

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