Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Coach Announcement

The core has devoted the last five months to countless meetings and interviews looking for the right system, personnel, mission and leadership. We know that there is nothing more vital to the success of this team than its leadership. The core has interviewed players all throughout the area and has assembled as much talent and experience as possible. We wanted to find a leader that could dedicate the time and effort to being this team's coach. We wanted someone who has had success in a coaching or captaining role before with a system that we could believe in. Most of all we wanted someone who inspired us and that we would envision inspiring this team that we've worked so hard on. We have found that man.

The core is proud to announce Jeff Snader as the coach for 2010. For those of you less familiar with Jeff, he brings with him a ton of leadership experience from different arenas, including ultimate, rugby, business and the military. If you're not familiar with Jeff's leadership style, you can rest assured it's different than what you're used to. We believe his style is exactly what we need to build a strong team with a focused mission.

Not only are we proud to announce our new head coach but we are also excited about the supporting cast of Walt Kalicki, Trey Katzenbach (Interim Captain) and J Dono (Interim Captain), who will assist Jeff in leading this team through the tryout period. This combined leadership has the experience, skill, determination and winning record that are second to none.

April 10th is our first try-out. This is a huge opportunity that may not come around again in your ultimate career. Come out and show everyone what you're made of.

The Core,
Dusty, Jon, Reuben, Chris, B-Lo, Tom, and Trey